How Flower Remedies Can Inspire Hope During
Chronic Illness

I Will, My New Formula, Coming this Winter


Gorse, known for restoring faith and helping you to see new possibilities

As the Winter solstice approaches and themes of darkness and light are felt in this seasonal shift, I would like to talk about hope and will.

Dr. Bach, to whom I am so grateful for discovering the flower remedies, wrote a lot about the power of hope and how important it is in recovery. In his daily medical practice and work in hospitals, long before he began his new venture in healing, one thing was very clear to him: hopeful patients had a much higher recovery rate and hopeless patients relapsed or remained in a chronic state of illness.

This was perhaps where the first seed was planted in his awareness of the power of our emotions over the body and how the two are not really separate, as we are taught to believe.

Gorse flower remedy for hope

Hopelessness is a state of very low vitality. We have all felt the body give out when we are hopelessly depressed over a life situation, something that seems to have no possible solution. The body feels heavy, tired and drained of life force. Once in this state, it is hard to pull oneself out of it.

The remedy Gorse is the bright gold flower whose essence can bring faith and hope back to us when we have given up. It has been useful in chronic illness when the person has tried one thing after another and nothing has worked, so they give up the belief that anything can be done. They may even continue trying treatments (usually for the sake of their loved ones), but inside they know it’s no use. Gorse may also be used when just hearing a diagnosis can rob you of your belief in recovery, like the word “cancer.”

Gorse can bring you out of the depths of hopelessness, restoring faith and helping you to see new possibilities, whether you have a chronic physical illness or you have a challenging situation in your life that has gone on for a long time. That spark, that life force, slowly returns and the body and soul now believe they can heal. Other treatments seem to be more effective and recovery picks up. Gorse is a foundational remedy for anyone embarking on a journey of deep healing.

Centaury flower remedy for strengthening the will

The other quality that is essential for healing is will. The desire to get better must be there, as the body will cooperate with whatever thoughts you feed it. I know it may sound strange that someone may not want to get better, but sometimes when we are so tired, physically and spiritually, we can feel like it would be better to just not fight anymore.


Centaury, to help strengthen the will

This may be seen in the elderly or in anyone who, in their recovery, seems to not have a strong enough will to get better. This can be frustrating to family members, who perceive the lack of receptiveness to advice as stubbornness.

This weakness of will may be a habit that was in place before illness set in. People who resonate with the Centaury (remedy), are by nature weak willed. They may have a hard time saying “no,” love to serve others and wear themselves out doing so . Their self-preservation instinct may not be very strong and sometimes you will see them fight much harder for a loved one than for themselves. Here we see how remedies may be used, both for types of people and conditions. You may use Centaury for a healthy person who has these traits, to help them put themselves first or break from a dominating personality, or you may use this remedy for anyone where their will needs strengthening.

Wild Rose Flower Remedy Stimulates Life Force

Wild Rose is another beautiful remedy for bringing back our will. Where Centaury is weak willed, those needing Wild Rose are will-less. It is as if you could see the road they had traveled… they passed depression a long time ago, spent some time in Gorse hopelessness and came to the end of the road, the Wild Rose state. This is resignation, apathy. One has totally given in and given up. There is no will at all. Again, as with the other remedy states, there is very little physical vitality and just a passive acceptance of what is to be their fate. Taking Wild Rose begins to stimulate the life force and the will to live fully and joyfully. It is a great reviver. To see one wake up after a long time in Wild Rose territory is one of the inspirations of my work.

Wild Rose

Wild Rose, a remedy for bringing back our will

This formula also contains supportive essences of:

Olive: For extreme exhaustion. Builds physical strength and is rejuvenating on a deep level
Crab Apple: The cleanser. This removes any impurities we do not want in us
First Aid Kit: Works instantly to calm panic and ground you when you encounter stress
Honeysuckle: Removes the negative effect of hearing diagnosis and of past failures in treatment. Letting go of the past and starting anew

*I Will is a powerful catalyst to jump start the self-healing mechanism, both physically and emotionally. It may be used by those who are not ill but wish to strengthen their will and faith.

Disclaimer: *I Will is not meant to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, replace medical treatment, nor cure chronic illness. Alexis Smart does not offer medical or psychological advice. This information is offered for educational purposes only.

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8 comments on “How Flower Remedies Can Inspire Hope During
Chronic Illness

I Will, My New Formula, Coming this Winter
  1. Joanne Johnson says:

    Hi Alexis…

    I am looking forward to trying this … I think this will be a great addition to your line of Flower Remedies!!!

    My mother is in her eighties and has lost her will to live after health issues and also the stress from going through both my and my only siblings health crises in the past several years (both of which were life threatening).

    Plus I have been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and massive damage to my home and belongings after 6 foot high flood water damage. There is a saying … The only thing we really own in life is what is left over after a shipwreck. That’s pretty much what my life feels like right now. I have found some help from Hypnosis and just recently tried your WholeHearted Remedy with healing results. I will continue using WholeHearted and see how much improvement I get over long term from it …but… even in the short time I have used it so far I am noticing a difference already.

    So-o-o-o-o-o-o I am looking forward to eventually trying I WILL.

    I think both my mom and I might benefit greatly from your new I WILL Flower Remedy.

    Thanks for your quality products and love for what you do.

    May your company grow in 2014 like a flower planted in prime soil and the best of conditions …
    Joanne J

    • Alexis says:

      Dear Joanne,
      Thank you so much for sharing your story.You have been through a lot and it’s inspiring to see you haven’t given up on your ability to heal. That is everything. WholeHearted is the perfect remedy for you and I would say you should take it for at least two months, due to the intensity of what you have been through. You will know when it’s time to switch remedies. I Will is a perfect follow up and will help your mother greatly. Thank you so much for the support and kind words and please keep me posted on the WholeHearted continued effects.

  2. Joanne Johnson says:

    Hi again, Alexis …

    Thank you for your reply. I will continue taking the WholeHearted for another two months before switching to your I WILL remedy.

    I have been taking WholeHearted only a few days … not even a week yet. But I notice it’s healing effects already. There is a gentle but noticeable emotional shift happening.

    Today I noticed I am going to the bathroom more often (bowel movements). They are fine … not diarrhea or anything … just more total amount than typical (more even than what I am eating it seems like). Could this be from the flower remedy? I notice one of the ‘Benefits’ you list for WholeHearted is “Letting go” … is it possible that the “Letting go” benefit is not just on an emotional level but that physically my body is “Letting go” of stuff I have been “holding onto” in my intestines??? Have others experienced this with WholeHearted?

    I bought my mom some Gorse single flower remedy at the local supplement store. I think I will start adding it to my mothers Fiji bottled water. This will give her a head start until I can buy the I WILL from you … then she can start taking that.

    She is very unwilling to take anything … doctor medications or supplements … even if I can get her to take a supplement and she shows improvement of some kind after a few days … she will find a reason to refuse to take it anymore. I think your I WILL flower remedy might make her more willing to take things that she needs for her health issues. From your description it seems like that is one of the emotional symptoms the I WILL remedy can address.

    I was wondering … do you think I could add 2 drops (or whatever would work well) of GORSE to the WholeHearted remedy for myself … will that be harmful to the existing WholeHearted remedy if ONE single remedy is added to it. I thought GORSE might benefit myself also. But I do not want to make WholeHearted ineffective by adjusting it if that is what might happen if I added the Gorse to it. It’s just that I am going though so much at once I thought Gorse might be a good addition for my case.

    I feel like everyone wants me to fix everything else in my life …. but I need to take a break from everything else that needs fixing and concentrate on healing ME right now. It may mean that everything else in my life has to fall apart … but I don’t know if I can prevent that. I’m finding the answers at the 11th hour … I don’t know if I can turn everything around quickly enough to fix everything in my life. Repairing my health/emotions has to be my top priority right now, even if no one else seems to share my feelings.

    Thanks again …
    Joanne J

    I have had a hoarding and a clutter problem in recent years … do you think it is connected with the losses and traumas I am dealing with … and will WholeHearted help with that? or will something else be needed for that?

    • Alexis says:

      Hello Joanne,

      I’m so sorry for taking so long to reply! I only just saw your last message. I Will is finally available. I will answer some of your questions anyway. Yes, I absolutely think WholeHearted will help with hoarding. We all react in different ways to trauma and loss and one of the ways is to try to maintain control over one specific area of our lives, or to hold onto something if we are afraid of losing. It could be a person we can’t let go of or physical possessions. So I am curious to know if it helped with that.

      As for bowel movements, yes, the remedy could have helped with that as well. Scientists have now discovered that our brains and guts are very connected and that we produce many of what we thought are brain chemicals, in our intestines. That is why they are calling the gut “the second brain.” So, trauma can absolutely effect the digestive system, so as you heal trauma, all sorts of seemingly unrelated physical symptoms may improve.

      For your mother, I Will is going to be very good for her, as she has gone into apathy. It is common that people in that state don’t want to take the remedies that will help them get better, so it’s fine to put the drops in her fiji bottle and have her drink the remedy through the day.

      For you, healing your self is top priority. You sound like a Centaury person, which you can read about above. Taking this remedy will help you put your self first while having the strength to still give to others, but only when it is appropriate.
      I hope to hear from you and hear how things are going. You can always private message me as well in the contact form on this page.

  3. Rose Noonan says:

    I have chronic OA & Tendonitis of ankle which MD says with wearing brace will take 6-9 months to heal. I also have battled weight problems for years & due to health problems gained back weight I had lost. I am retired, 69y/o & babysit 5 days a week for 2y/o twin
    grandchildren. I am very discouraged with my physical state! Will I Will help me to get back on track with
    weight program & cope with ailments?? Thank you.

    • Alexis says:

      Hello Rose, This formula was designed to help overcome physical challenges. I do believe it could lend support to you at this time. The most important thing
      when choosing a formula is that it match your emotional state. The more of a match, the more effective it will be. I Will is definitely for the hopeless state
      brought on by chronic illness. It is beyond discouragement, where the person feels almost a reluctance to get better or try anymore. The will is very weak.
      If you relate to this description, then the I Will is for you. If you are more discouraged and it is not as intense, perhaps with feeling down on your self or losing confidence, then I would try the Ganesh. It is very encouraging. To help lift ,discouragement lend motivation and have something strengthening and energizing My Personal Assistant would do a lot for you. Please message me at the contact button if you need to clarify. All the Best, Alexis

  4. Margaret says:

    Alexis, I started taking the first aid remedy. I also am wondering which remedy to take next. I am 50 now and approach ing the change of life. Recently met my soul mate. My living situation, finances, and health are all suffering. I have been diagnosed with PTSD as well as bipolar disorder. I am considering between the wholehearted, peaceful warrior, the female formula unburdened, moon river, i will, which remedy would be best to start next?
    I am experiencing insomnia, panic attacks, nightmares, blurred vision, bleeding gums, tension, crying, anger outbursts, a feeling of being on fire, circles under my eyes, foot fungus,
    abdominal churning, a body odor like I am rotting or spoiling, I isolate quite a bit, a feeling like I am under the earth, physical exhaustion. Please help.

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