New Collaboration with Evan Healy Skin Care!


I am excited to announce my collaboration with Evan Healy Skin Care! This beautiful holistic line of products was already my favorite, as they are elegant, pure and really work, but now with beautifying flower remedies added, they are beyond compare. Your skin will glow from within.

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One comment on “New Collaboration with Evan Healy Skin Care!
  1. Joanne Johnson says:

    Hi Alexis …

    I just wanted to post your quote (from the article at Evan Healy Skin Care web page) here at the bottom of your blog article…

    “Growing up in Los Angeles and having been a model and actress, I was well aware of the dangers of trying to attain an external beauty that is always just out of reach and perfection based. As a practitioner I wanted to offer women true beauty and confidence that radiates from an inner sense of joy.” —– Alexis

    There is a saying wearing your emotions on your sleeve …
    Maybe it should be wearing your emotions on your face … Like our mothers and/or grandmothers used to comment when our emotions were written all over us …
    DON’T … or … “your face will freeze like that” …

    I guess mom’s knew what they were saying.

    Treating our faces/skin from the inside out by treating our inner emotions. Hmmmm … maybe Alexis has the answer to all that … Using Flower Remedies to treat our deep inner emotions so that our faces don’t show the (many years of) many emotions etched on them anymore … our mom’s may have been right BUT maybe Alexis CAN stop our faces from “freezing like that” after all.

    PS: I love the dress … very ’60s Native American Indian flavor … but somehow in a timeless undated sort of way. Is it new or vintage?

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