About Alexis Smart Flower Remedies

Quality Ingredients

Healingherbs Flower Essences of Herefordshire, England
Considered by practitioners to be the true Bach Flower Remedies. Organic, biodynamic and wild-harvested in Britain, they are made in strict accordance with the preparation methods of Dr. Edward Bach, unlike some of the leading brands, which use homeopathic methods or preparation and labeling. Healingherbs‘ dedication to Dr. Bach’s legacy is evident in the effectiveness of their product.

Mountain Valley Spring Water
The finest spring water from Hot Springs, Arkansas, bottled in green glass. We use no plastic in the production of our remedies.

Certified organic and biodynamic, our brandy is artisan distilled and handcrafted in California.

Vegetable Glycerine
Organic and non GMO glycerine is used as a preservative in the baby/kids formulas.

All of our products are made by hand, in small batches, by happy and healthy people who believe in the philosophy of our company.