About Flower Remedies

A new way of looking at illness

We have all been raised with the idea that if something is wrong, it must be eradicated or suppressed. We take antibiotics, anti depressants, ant-acids etc. ‘Anti’ means against, and this is a common philosophy we are raised with…to fight against illness.

To understand how flower remedies work, we must change our perspective a little. Rather than suppressing a negative quality, they work by encouraging the positive aspects of our personalities. When we are restored to the positive and happy people we are capable of being, the negative symptoms just leave.

For example, the remedy holly is given for hatred and jealousy. When we take holly, it works, not by fighting against these strong negative emotions but by cultivating within us the virtues of compassion and love, in the presence of which jealousy and hatred can no longer exist and they simply melt away.