Personal Consultations

Alexis is available for custom blend consultations or phone/Skype sessions for those who can’t come in person.

Flower remedy therapy can be used for deep healing when you are out of balance, but you don’t need to be unhealthy or depressed to benefit from flower remedies. Many of my clients are happy and healthy and use flower remedies as a tool to manifest their goals. Just as doing yoga, meditating and eating a healthy diet can enrich your life, taking flower remedies can be used to raise your vibration and help maintain positivity.

When you come for a flower remedy consultation (or have a phone/Skype session), we will talk about your personality (have you always been shy, or are you a perfectionist, a dreamer, etc.), as this will be the foundation of your formula. We will also discuss your goals, your relationships, recent injuries or traumas, and patterns or habits you may be stuck in that could be having a destructive effect in your life.

We can also address healing the past. Many people have a lot of pain left over from childhood and, believing there is not much to be done to change the past, do their best to grow around it. I have found the flower remedies to be one of the most effective methods to assist healing past traumas and grief. This process will happen gently and gradually, so there is no danger of encountering something you may not be ready for. You will be a participant in the session, choosing remedies with me and finding that you have the freedom to heal yourself.

Please contact Alexis to set up a consultation.

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