Beauty Formula No.8Expression lines, dull, sallow complexion, under eye circles, tired looking, feeling unattractiveAnti-aging, heals the underlying emotional causes of aging, relaxes facial muscles, softens expression lines, brightens a sallow complexion, cleansing, purifying, magnetic beauty
Beauty Formula No.7 Gamine NEW!Feeling awkward and unattractive, Lack of confidence, Self-consciousness, Comparing yourself to others, BreakoutsBeauty revealed, Charm, Confidence, Strong sense of self, Glowing skin
GaneshLack of confidence, fear of failure, untapped potential, creative blockRemover of obstacles, confidence, inspiration, creativity, success
WallflowerShyness/self-consciousness, nervousness, tendency to isolate, guilt/self-criticismSelf-assured, self-acceptance, outgoing and charismatic, great for parties, dating, auditions


My Personal AssistantProcrastination, Fatigue, Disinterest, Reliance on caffeine for energy, Dread of workEnergy without jitters, Motivated, Organized, Makes work fun: use for projects, moving, any daunting task, Great for starting an exercise program
Soul PurposeHaven’t found your calling, unfulfilling career, indecision at crossroads in lifeLoving what you do, knowing/following your true path in life and career
Brain DropsScattered, ungrounded, mental chatter, lack of focus Calm and focused attention, improved memory, linear thinking ability, meditation in a bottle


I WillPhysical illness, hopeless of recovery, weakness of will, fear, physical and spiritual exhaustionStrong will to heal, hope, calm, renewed spiritual/physical strength, life force and joy
Above It All"I hate everything", "I can't stand it!", anger, impatience, irritability, jealousy, resentment or bitterness, judgmental or critical attitude / sees the worst in situations or people"I love and appreciate everything", "Nothing gets to me now", happiness, patience, gentleness
In LoveDesire for love in your life, meaningful relationship, repeating unhealthy patterns (in partner choices or behavior), insecurity in relationships, withdrawing or clinging when conflict arisesAttracts healthy relationships, trust in current relationships, love without possessiveness, breaks old patterns, heart full of love for self and others
SunshineDepression (sometimes described as a dark cloud), Hopelessness, Soul despair (feel at the end of your rope), Apathy, Melancholy during the dark winter monthsOptimism (regardless of circumstances), Reconnects you to life and people, Ability to see new possibilities, a light in the darkness and a way out of suffering, Dispels gloom from lack of sunshine
WholeHeartedHeartbreak, grief, stuck in the past, You have never recovered from a loss or emotional trauma, however long ago it may have occurredComforting, letting go, heart at peace, Healing of emotional wounds, of recent origin and from childhood


First Aid KitDr. Bach's original "Rescue" formula with added Crab Apple, Fast-acting relief for high-stress situations (trauma, loss of loved one, emotional upsets, accidents, etc.), Traumatized Animals (Add four drops to small water bowl)Works instantly to neutralize trauma and restore calm, Minimizes anxiety before public speaking, flying, dentist visits, etc., Travel remedy (helps adjust to time zones, protect from external influences), Useful for hospital visits, both for patient and their family members, A must have for the medicine chest, purse or glove compartment
I QuitSmoking, Internet, Shopping, Eating, Habits (biting nails, etc.)Inner fulfillment, Diminished cravings, Breaks repetitive behavior / thought patterns, Quiets obsessive thoughts, Calms irritability, Helps you let go of that which is not healthy
UnburdenOverwhelmed by responsibility, caregiver, workaholic, stress, tension, exhaustionUnburdened, relaxed, strong, lightness in the face of adversity
Moon RiverMonthly emotional roller coaster, change of life, any imbalance that seems affected by hormones (PMS, Pregnancy, Post-Partum, Menopause, etc.)Female balance, stable emotionally, graceful during times of change
Peaceful WorrierAnxiety, worry, everyday fears (the future, poverty, illness, the well being of loved ones, etc.), insomniaPeace, quiet mind, positive outlook, faith that everything will work out
Safe and SoundPanic attacks, fear, apprehensionSafe, calm, secure

For Kids

(alcohol free in a pleasant tasting vegetable glycerine base)
Dream BoatRestlessness, sleepless, gets up in the night to get in bed with parents, resists going to bedRelaxed, soothed, falls asleep easily and sleeps through night, may be given during the day for calming
First Aid Kit for KidsDr. Bach's original "Rescue" formula with added Crab Apple, Emergencies, Trauma/Emotional upsets, Teething, Travel, InconsolableFast-acting relief, Calming, Give to children before and during air travel to minimize ear pain from cabin pressure, A must have for the medicine chest, purse or glove compartment
Goody Gum DropsTantrums, quarreling siblings, bossy, jealousy, acting out, fussinessCooperative, loving, gentle, easygoing
Magic ShieldFears (the dark, bullies, going to school, strangers, etc.), shyness and nervousness, separation anxiety, timidity, nightmares Brave and self confident, outgoing, strong sense of self, at home in the world
SmartyPlantsLack of focus, fear of failing, easily discouraged, difficulty in school, thinks they're not smart enoughCalm and focused attention, retains and integrates information, confidence, enthusiasm for learning