First Aid KitDr. Bach's original "rescue" formula plus crab apple (cleansing) and walnut (protection from outside influences/change/travel), High-stress and trauma, Symptoms come on suddenly (fear, faintness, agitation)Works instantly to neutralize trauma and restore calm, Use for accidents, fear of flying, public speakingcomma; emotional upset or any intense situation
I QuitSmoking, Internet, Shopping, Eating, Habits (biting nails, etc.)Inner fulfillment, Diminished cravings, Breaks repetitive behavior / thought patterns, Quiets obsessive thoughts, Calms irritability, Helps you let go of that which is not healthy
Moon RiverMonthly emotional roller coaster, change of life, any imbalance that seems affected by hormones (PMS, Pregnancy, Post-Partum, Menopause, etc.)Female balance, stable emotionally, graceful during times of change
Peaceful WorrierAnxiety, worry, everyday fears (the future, poverty, illness, the well being of loved ones, etc.), insomniaPeace, quiet mind, positive outlook, faith that everything will work out
Safe and SoundPanic attacks, fear, apprehensionSafe, calm, secure
UnburdenOverwhelmed by responsibility, caregiver, workaholic, stress, tension, exhaustionUnburdened, relaxed, strong, lightness in the face of adversity