For Kids

(Alcohol-free in a pleasant tasting vegetable glycerine base. Safe for infants.)
Dream BoatRestlessness, sleepless, gets up in the night to get in bed with parents, resists going to bedRelaxed, soothed, falls asleep easily and sleeps through night, may be given during the day for calming
First Aid Kit for KidsDr. Bach's original "Rescue" formula with added Crab Apple, Emergencies, Trauma/Emotional upsets, Teething, Travel, InconsolableFast-acting relief, Calming, Give to children before and during air travel to minimize ear pain from cabin pressure, A must have for the medicine chest, purse or glove compartment
Goody Gum DropsTantrums, quarreling siblings, bossy, jealousy, acting out, fussinessCooperative, loving, gentle, easygoing
Magic ShieldFears (the dark, bullies, going to school, strangers, etc.), shyness and nervousness, separation anxiety, timidity, nightmares Brave and self confident, outgoing, strong sense of self, at home in the world
SmartyPlantsLack of focus, fear of failing, easily discouraged, difficulty in school, thinks they're not smart enoughCalm and focused attention, retains and integrates information, confidence, enthusiasm for learning