Above It All"I hate everything", "I can't stand it!", anger, impatience, irritability, jealousy, resentment or bitterness, judgmental or critical attitude / sees the worst in situations or people"I love and appreciate everything", "Nothing gets to me now", happiness, patience, gentleness
I WillPhysical illness, hopeless of recovery, weakness of will, fear, physical and spiritual exhaustion
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Strong will to heal, hope, calm, renewed spiritual/physical strength, life force and joy
In LoveDesire for love in your life, meaningful relationship, repeating unhealthy patterns (in partner choices or behavior), insecurity in relationships, withdrawing or clinging when conflict arisesAttracts healthy relationships, trust in current relationships, love without possessiveness, breaks old patterns, heart full of love for self and others
SunshineDepression (sometimes described as a dark cloud), Hopelessness, Soul despair (feel at the end of your rope), Apathy, Melancholy during the dark winter monthsOptimism (regardless of circumstances), Reconnects you to life and people, Ability to see new possibilities, a light in the darkness and a way out of suffering, Dispels gloom from lack of sunshine
WholeHeartedHeartbreak, grief, stuck in the past, You have never recovered from a loss or emotional trauma, however long ago it may have occurredComforting, letting go, heart at peace, Healing of emotional wounds, of recent origin and from childhood