Origin of Flower Remedies

It was During World War I, while he was in charge of 400 war beds, that he began to observe the effects that stress and trauma had on the recovery potential of his patients, observing that the soldiers who were more hopeful seemed to recover more fully. This confirmed his belief that the emotions affect the physical health. Though he continued to have success in his private practice in London’s affluent Harley Street offices and was awarded for his work in vaccines and for the discovery the “Bach nosodes”, he was still dissatisfied with what he could offer his patients.

Dr. Bach shared homeopathy’s view that the body has an innate, self-healing mechanism. He believed that if he could heal the patient of his negative emotional state, the body would no longer be inhibited by emotional blockage and the body would then be free to heal itself. He closed his practice and moved to the English countryside where he discovered the healing power contained in flowering plants and trees.