Price: $47

Sun Moon Room Spray

I designed Sun Moon spray to use between clients sessions, as I may not always have time to burn sage and some of my visitors have allergies to the smoke. It contains flower essences for psychic protection and cleansing and an essential oil blend to calm, cleanse and uplift.

The scent is light and heavenly, never cloying or overpowering.

Tip: Sun Moon is great for travel…mist hotel rooms and rentals, concentrating around the beds and you will feel right at home.

Contains: spring water, organic essential oils of: cleansing White Sage, sacred Frankincense, anxiety relieving Lavender, mood elevating Clary Sage, flower essences. With every batch, I add a tiny bit of a favorite citrus note…it's different every time.

Grounding, uplifting, calming and protecting.

2 oz.