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Beauty Formula No.7 – Gamine

Beauty Formula No.7 – Gamine

Jean Seberg in “Breathless”

Gamine was inspired by my recent trip to Paris, my love of French New Wave Cinema and the style that is unmistakably the French Girl. Gamine is the girl whose hair isn’t perfect. She doesn’t wash it everyday and likes the way the beach and salt air make it feel. She’s feminine but has a bit of a tomboy edge. Maybe she wears men’s shoes with a dress. She’s always slightly off, but somehow looks perfectly stylish, because she is entirely herself. She laughs with abandon and doesn’t take herself too seriously. People can’t help but fall in love with her.

I remember when I was in high school, there was such pressure to wear the right clothes and act a certain way. I was terribly shy and self-conscious and I always wished I looked like someone else, someone from a movie or a magazine. When I started modeling, things only got worse. During my daily rounds of castings, I was often in a room full of gorgeous girls whom I compared myself to.

I made Gamine for that 16-year-old me, and for all of you young girls and women to help you discover your own unique beauty. To trust your intuition and not be led astray by anything outside of yourself, to be confident in your style and see dressing as an artistic expression of the real you, and lastly for clear, glowing skin and a confidence that is genuine, because it comes from inner strength. This remedy is very close to my heart and I hope to hear from you with questions or stories about how Gamine has helped you.

Love, Alexis



*Tips for Gamine skin and beauty:

  • Take ballet or any kind of dance class, salsa, tap, whatever moves you! Dance builds confidence, gives you grace and great posture, is wonderful for the skin, and is much more fun than going to the gym.

  • For skincare, opt for brands that are non-toxic… our skin is actually an organ of detoxification and absorbs everything you put on it, so we want chemicals coming out, not going in. I love Evan Healy Skin Care. They contain the added bonus of my flower essence formulas, but there are plenty of good brands at your local health food store.

  • CAP Beauty is a great resource for green beauty in NY and online and Health Hut and Clementine Fields in Canada.

  • If you wear makeup, go light. You want to enhance your beauty and look healthy. All the off-duty models wear little to no makeup so their skin can breathe. Maybe just a little concealer and blush or lip stain. I love RMS cosmetics and Burt’s Bees. My friend Katey Denno is a celeb makeup artist who uses all natural beauty products. Her blog is filled with great makeup and skincare advice.

  • Beauty is health, so drink lots of water, avoid sugar (bacteria feeds on sugar) and get plenty of leafy greens. If you don’t like eating veggies, you can get a green powder to mix in your juice or smoothie. The chlorophyll is amazing for skin and is the secret of the top models. Adaptogenic herbs are amazing for overall health which reflects in clear skin, bright eyes and skin tone. Try Beauty Dust by Moon Juice.

  • And the biggest tip of all, be your self. You are beautiful!


Jeanne Moreau in “Jules et Jim”


Anna Karina in “Pierrot Le Fou”


Audrey Hepburn in “Funny Face”


*My Gamine film inspiration:

  • Jean Seberg in “Bonjour Tristesse” and “Breathless,”

  • Anna Karina in “Band of Outsiders” and “Pierrot Le Fou,”

  • Jeanne Moreau in “Jules et Jim,”

  • And of course the queen of gamine, Audrey Hepburn in “Funny Face” and “Sabrina”



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Beauty Formula No.7 gamine

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