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Almost 30

Almost 30

Ep. 402 - The Healing Power of Flower Remedies with Alexis Smart. 

After homeopathic methods cured Alexis Smart  of a serious illness in her 20s, she found her calling and became a Bach flower remedy practitioner. Over 15 years, she developed her own flower remedy formulas and treated people one-on-one to heal issues they thought were impossible to overcome. K+L have even been experimenting with their own custom designed flower remedies recommended by Alexis! It’s been fascinating to K+L to learn about healing power of plants and the body’s ability to heal itself, and we’re excited to introduce Almost 30 nation to this natural alternative healing modality.

We also talk about:

  • What flower remedies are (and what they aren’t)
  • How flower remedies work
  • Integrating flower remedies into your lifestyle
  • Finding your individualized remedy
  • Feeling connected to nature
  • EMF sensitivity and how to protect yourself
  • Remedies for specific conditions
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