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Flower Sac

Flower Sac

On this auspicious Solstice, I am thrilled to introduce:


I’m so excited to share my first ever collaboration with my brilliant friend, Agnes Baddoo! This is the bag of my dreams. A protective travel bag for my flower remedies which doubles as the perfect summer clutch.  


FLOWER SAC was born on a Greek Island, overlooking the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Every time I look at her, I am transported back there. I know it will do the same for you. One of the great joys of my life is that I get to go to Greece every summer. My yearly graduate course in homeopathy takes me there, but I always arrive on the island early and leave late, so I can get filled up on sea swimming, naps, fresh food, writing and reading. Greece has been my heart home since I was a teenager and it’s the place where I heal and renew my creativity. I usually go for a few months, so I need to pack quite a few of my remedies to last me (2 bottles of my daily formula, a First Aid Kit, Sun Moon Spray and a Beauty Formula No.8 for my friend/Greek goddess, Katerina).

The bag I had been using to carry my remedies was a dop kit I got on a first class flight years ago. It was reaching the end of its wear cycle and its shabbiness was no longer charming. After one of my bottles broke during travel on the ferry, I finally put the old bag out to pasture and started dreaming of a bag that would be as high vibration as my remedies. 

I wrote to Agnes and asked if she could make me “the perfect remedy bag”. A longtime user of my remedies, she knew exactly what I was talking about. I gave her my wish list. 

It must:

  • Be Greek blue and match my bottles

  • Be thick enough to protect the glass from breaking during travel

  • Hold four flower remedy bottles and a Sun Moon Mist

  • Look great with a black or white dress (my Greek uniform), a sun tan and a silver cuff bracelet

  • Double as a sexy clutch to bring to the taverna at night

  • Be chic! (not that I needed to tell Agnes this!)

And she delivered!

The Secret is Inside

I couldn’t have loved my little Aegean FLOWER SAC more, but Agnes then told me there was a secret inside... she lined the bag with Faraday lining (a thin fabric which shields from EMFs). Some believe EMF exposure (cell phones, airport x-rays, wifi etc.) affect vibrational remedies (flower remedies and homeopathics). I know EMFs affect me, so I can believe they affect all things with a vibrational frequency. In the past, I always chose to not worry about this, and still found my remedies to be effective after travel. That said, if I can have this extra level of protection going through airport X-rays scans, then it’s just an added level of joy for me!

(Before you ask, don’t worry if you want to put your phone in the bag with a few remedies when you’re using it as a daily purse. I haven’t noticed any change in my remedies. I am just happy about the protection from airport X-rays when I travel, just in case).

Agnes Baddoo

Agnes and I have known each other since our days at the Echo Park Craft Fair and I have always admired her classic, yet eclectic, style, so I wasn’t surprised when she told me that she had been an editor at Elle Magazine during their Belle Époque (late 80s/90s). 

Elle was a huge influence on me in my teens – the exotic locations inspired me endlessly. I cut out pictures of girls in Greece with sunburned noses on sailboats,  in front of whitewashed houses, drinking Ouzo with fishermen in old cafés. Then when my high school English teacher gave me the book Zorba the Greek, it sealed my fate and I knew Greece would be important in my future and my adult story. 

Agnes is known for her minimally chic leather bags, which have become a hit with the fashionable who appreciate simplicity, quality and sustainable business practices.  Light in spirit, she’s someone you just love to be around. She has an infectious smile and a good vibe, balanced with a no nonsense Aries directness.

You can feel this vibe in the FLOWER SAC. 

Handmade in Los Angeles. Timeless, like all great beauties. 

With love,



Listen to my Aegean Blue Playlist 

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