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Father’s Day Special: The One And Only Philip Smart

Father’s Day Special: The One And Only Philip Smart
Meet Philip Smart — he’s my father, my business partner, my best buddy, and unlike anyone else I know. He’s an action man and makes anything I dream up reality.


Philip was born in England to a graphic designer father and poet mother. His father, Sam, taught printing at the art college in Sussex and later became an award-winning pioneer of graphic design in Canada. (Graphic design nerd alert! There is a font named in his father’s honor, called Smart Sans!). At 16, Phil quit art school to apprentice at his father’s design studio. After four years there, he realised he couldn’t become his own person working for his father. He set out on his own, working in the music scene of the 70’s. He once made a 12-foot paper mâché lizard for Alice Cooper to destroy on stage! (My mom, Moya, played the nurse, wheeling Alice onto the stage in a straight jacket). Phil designed album covers, book jackets and made demonstrative evidence for court cases. He drove a big rig for a health food company, is a certified yoga teacher, makes furniture, sews…there’s nothing he can’t do. Phil and I talk often about how he’s come full circle, working in the family business, but this time it feels cooperative and like a true partnership. 

He is the force behind this company in so many ways and is responsible for how it’s grown to what it is today. For 10 years, I was making remedies in my kitchen, shipping all the store and online orders from my tiny home headquarters. Nine years ago I had to go to Canada to take care of my mom, my dad offered to take over. He learned how to make the remedies and did much better than I did keeping things organised.  It was the first time I’d asked someone to help me. I had never let anyone even touch my bottles, because the energy of the remedy maker is so important with vibrational medicine. It was a magical fit – he loved the work! He was newly retired, very active, creative, loves to learn and loved that the brand’s purpose was to help people. Once he started to support with this work, I was able to build ASFR, as it freed me up to develop new formulas, reach out to more stores, and continue to see my clients for personal consultations. As our orders increased, we moved our operation to Phil's studio in the desert, then to a small store front and finally to our current location, a vintage gas station, which Philip’s vision and renovation skills took from a carpeted, low-ceilinged, oppressive downer,  to an airy, high-vibe temple of flower remedies. It’s a joy to work in this oasis in the desert. He’s my chief operations guy, running the studio and production. He’s a true artist who walks the walk and rejects anything purely commercial or money driven. That spirit is influential to how we run the company.

He’s funny, generous, selfless, mecurial, curious, wise, spry, with movie star good looks (but too modest to see it). He’s a great travel companion (I took him to Greece for his 50th birthday). We watch movies together, have long philosophical chats and go on desert walks (I’m usually lagging behind him, stopping for a drink of water).

P.S. I love you.

A Moment with Philip

Alexis, in 3 words?
Compassionate, smart, funny.

Yourself, in 3 words?
Quizzical, accepting, ironic.

Favorite thing about working for the company?
Building the support structure that enables Alexis’ creation to make it out into the world. Being a sounding board for her ideas.

Favorite memories as a father?
Births. Watching my kids discover their worlds. The bittersweet experience of them becoming independent.

Favorite remedy? 
Páthos. Many men end up over-giving because they feel they have to be the knight in shining armor all the time, coming to the rescue. It helped me to discern when it was appropriate to give, and when it was better to take care of myself.

Advice for your younger self?
Be Patient. The future will get here.

How is this guy single?!

The Men: Remedy Journeys

“Alexis helped me through my young and anxious 20s with her custom remedies. More recently, we had a baby and when I returned to work I leaned on My Personal Assistant to manage the busy reintroduction to working parenthood. It helped me stay focused and not get overwhelmed by the bigger picture.”– Greg

“Each of the formulas I’ve taken have changed my life in permanent ways. Soul Purpose = overdue career change; In Love = powerful relationship and self worth healing; My Personal Assistant = gave me the incredible motivation to conquer some big obstacles such as moving out of NYC singlehandedly. I love My Personal Assistant so much, I’m on round 2!” – Kieran

"First Aid Kit is my go-to! It replaced Xanax on planes and in stressful situations" — Gregg

“It was my first flower remedy experience and I was drawn to Unburden (I was feeling particularly stressed). I am usually juggling a lot, and on the go constantly. Within a week of taking the remedy, I started to have daily naps and long baths. By the end of the month, I felt much more able to relax (and not guilty for doing so), peaceful, able to let go”

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