Floral Cocktails and a Celtic Christmas Playlist

Floral Cocktails and a Celtic Christmas Playlist

I hope today you are somewhere warm and cozy, that you are in a place of beauty, if it is only in your heart, that you are in a place of love, and that you are feeling the true spirit of the Season.

I am full of gratitude to you all for being so supportive through the years, for sending messages letting me know how my work has helped you. I think our flower remedy community is a beautiful and vast constellation of those who wish to heal themselves and thereby, the world. This is brave and noble work and you deserve acknowledgement, so I raise a toast to you all and wish you a very Joyous Holiday!



Did you know that ancient Celts used trees instead of months to represent the changing year, with one tree for every lunar month.We are in the month of the Elder Tree, so it seemed fitting to share my Elder/Wallflower champagne recipe, an Irish Toddy and some Celtic tunes to get you in the holiday spirit. 

"Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends” 

                                                            — Edwardian English toast from the 1800’s



For your guests who don’t drink, floral champagne is a huge hit. Wallflower is my go to remedy for parties. You don’t need to be shy to have fun on this formula. It gives a light, fun and open feeling, perfect for the season.

Put a few tablespoons of chilled elder flower syrup in a champagne flute, top off with cold bubbly water, add four drops Wallflower and stir.


Hot water
Half a lemon
Spoon of honey
Lil squeeze of First Aid Kit
(Optional) shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey
*I am not a fan of cloves, but if you like them, put a few in a lemon wedge and add to the cup


I had my first hot Jameys (Jameson whiskey) in Dublin. I was in the bar at the Shelbourne hotel with my Irish friend and I mentioned that I was feeling chilly and a bit under the weather. I ordered a tea and he said to the bartender, “No no no, give her a hot Jameys.” A piping hot mug of whiskey, lemon, cloves and honey arrived. It fixed me in no time. Hot toddys will forever bring me back to Ireland and I love to offer one to holiday guests the minute they come in the door. After being in airports, driving in rain and snow, they're wound up and love the instant comfort of a hot toddy. The lemon and honey is good for their immune systems too :)


Want to feel like you’re in Ireland this holiday season? Listen to my Celtic Christmas Playlist. I promise it will to put you in a festive mood.


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