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It’s The Remedy! Dara Dubinet

It’s The Remedy! Dara Dubinet

Welcome to my new interview series, “It’s The Remedy,” where I will be introducing you to some of the amazing people I have had the good fortune of knowing. Just as flower remedies can uplift our spirits, people can change our vibration with their loving hearts. Sometimes just being around a positive person or eating a meal cooked by someone who loves you is the best remedy of all.

Not all of my friends are in the healing profession, but they are healers in the way they live their lives. They uplift the people around them with good energy, help those in need and are considerate of how their work impacts individuals and the environment. Many of them have chosen the unconventional path, guided by their true soul’s purpose. I hope you are inspired by their lives and spirits as much as I am.


Meet Dara Dubinet.  She’s an intuitive life betterment specialist who uses Astrology and  Astrogeography (the science of planetary influences in particular geographical locations).

I first met Dara through Lacy Phillips, who was raving about her astrogeography reading which confirmed that Scotland was a good place for her to be. I have never felt quite right in Los Angeles (where I grew up) and had attributed it to my English and Irish, rain-seeking DNA, but I was intrigued by the planetary concept and booked a session with Dara.

When we finally met in person, I was absolutely entranced by her light filled optimism, her sparkly good nature and infectious smile. Every time we meet, we lose track of time and talk for hours. She is uplifting and inspiring and I always leave her feeling better than when I arrived. This is the kind of energy we all need right now. Here she is, my friend Dara.


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Alexis: Welcome Dara!!!

Dara: Hi Alexis! Thank you for having me, I'm so grateful for finding you! Thank you Lacy! We do lose track of time! As a sensitive person, being able to spend so much time with someone and not feel drained is a tribute to your lovely and balanced energy. I was once told that I am a wise woman and have childlike wonder. I feel the same from you. We have a playfulness and wisdom that we share together. Hours can go by! I too feel uplifted after we commune!


Alexis: You are one of my custom flower remedy clients. Do you want to share anything about what flower remedies do for you?

Dara: Yes. I would love to! First of all, it was so good to feel seen in our session. I am an intuitive and when I meet another who has gifts and can really see and hear me it is so exciting! I could also feel your years of experience and wisdom and knew that whatever you recommended was what I needed.

Let’s just say that while taking the tincture, I started going on “flower walks.” I just had to get outside and share and literally commune with the flowers. And I saw SO MANY! The tincture also came at the exact same time as COVID as well as some difficulties with deciding what to do about my relationship. You gave me something that would help me gain clarity in my relationship and a few months later I had the strength and resolve that was missing for so long and I was able to consciously uncouple with love. All in all, I feel more balanced and more myself and free! Especially after the one little teeny dose of the homeopathic remedy you prescribed for me.. Your knowledge, prescription and tinctures, just wow. (Oh also, during some stress during the uncoupling, the First Aid Kit tincture was oh so helpful ;)

(Since we did this interview Dara has been taking Páthos and loving it. She is the total embodiment of the Páthos personality - open, generous, empathetic and intuitive).


Alexis: You have so many talents (astrologer, artist, jewellery designer, raw food chef, Feng Shui expert…I could go on!). Tell us about your journey.

Dara: I have done SO MANY THINGS! They all contribute to the things I offer now. I often tell people, in order to follow your heart, you must be able to leave what is no longer applicable behind and not to worry, everything you do will fund your future. Knowledge of the things you don't like to do is just as important as knowing what you do like. And sometimes certain things are meant for a season but not forever. Everything I have done connects together, makes me more well rounded, and I can honestly say I follow my heart.  

Astrology has helped me navigate tricky times and has helped me to celebrate and lean into my gifts. I have always been an artist. I have painted walls, furniture, anything really to make things more beautiful. I created and metal-smithed jewelry because I wanted to wear raw gems in a raw but refined way. I learned to be a metalsmith to do just that. And although I had public success, when I learned about raw food and how much it can help with youth, vitality, wellbeing, weight loss and general joy, I needed to share that. So I went to Living Light Culinary Arts Institute with the intention to get the skills I needed and a foundation of knowledge to share on youtube. I also got certified in the science of raw food nutrition with Drs. Karen and Rick Dina. I was also a private chef for a well known actor for a year. But my passion is sharing with many. Teaching others how to live this healthy and celebratory lifestyle. I really do feel that “people need to know”.


Alexis: Can you explain a bit more about astrogeography?

Dara: Astrogeography is the astrology of place. Like your natal chart, it is a blueprint. It shows where in the world you will feel your best and worst. Some places are challenging and some will be very supportive. It's kind of like your feng shui map of the planet. There are places you can go to find and feel love, places for children and creativity, places to feel abundant or shine like the sun. etc. The good news is that I teach certain ways we can access those energies without moving or traveling to different places. I call it harnessing the energy of the planetary lines or “armchair astro geo traveling”.

Astrogeography is so important because you could be doing all the “right” things; feng shui, yoga, eating healthy, meditating, but what if you are on a very challenging line? It's like swimming in difficult waters. It's the kind of thing you need to know so you can navigate it better. I like to remind people that if they are on a challenging line, their soul chose it for growth and evolution. That being said, there is such a thing as a geographical fix. I know this from my own experience (which you can hear in the Astrogeography Life Tool). My life changed for the better when I moved from a neptune line to jupiter rising! It is one of the reasons you see my joy and optimism and faith. When living on a jupiter line those are the waters we swim in and what gets projected out!

(Also check out Dara’s North Node Life Tools. It was so helpful!)


Alexis: You are a long time raw food chef and I just found out you have a whole YouTube channel where you make raw recipes. Can you tell us a bit about why raw is so good for us?

Dara: Our bodies can heal themselves given proper nutrition and peace. A “good” raw food diet is sooo good. Meaning, not eating raw cashew cheese cake all day, but a diet high in greens. A healthy raw food diet is a delicious way to help our bodies detoxify and regenerate. I have found raw food makes for glowy skin, weight loss, brighter whiter eyes, more sustained energy throughout the day, healthy libido, mental and spiritual clarity. Raw food enables me to have the vantage point from a place of optimal health.  It's the clean up we need so that we can listen to our bodies own intelligence and intuitively eat what is best for us.



Alexis: Any tips for those who want to explore raw food but might be scared of making a big change or having to buy a lot of expensive equipment?

Dara: Yes. A cutting board and a knife lol. Chop veggies very tiny. sprinkle good quality fresh olive oil. lemon juice and pink himalayan salt. It's that easy. For inspo and fun definitely watch my almost 1000 videos on youtube. I don't like to be in the kitchen for a long time. It's a lifestyle not meant for fussy recipes in my world. I like things fast and easy. :) I also recommend a nutribullet and my soups and smoothies ebook. If you make a smoothie in the morning and a soup for afternoon you are already 75% raw vegan and those things will adjust your palette and you will crave something healthy for dinner. Also just know you can have whatever you want, just have raw food first!


Alexis: You are always so bright and light. Do you have a practice to maintain this lightness and Joie de vivre? Any tools for not letting anyone harsh your mellow?

Dara: Thank you! And you made me giggle, haha, harsh my mellow. I don't commune with the mellow harshers, the debbie-downers. I spend a lot of time alone creating food, a beautiful home, my art, videos. I do the things I love. I have done the heavy lifting and painstaking process of getting rid of people, places and things that don't belong. Eliminating offenders, be they food, objects or people is huge. Living a life that is CLEAN, CLEAR & BRIGHT (my tagline on youtube ;).  When our life is cleaned up, we will see when something “messy” comes near and be able to be more discriminating. We will also be vibrating at a level that attracts gorgeous inside and out people like you :)

Decluttering and feng shui play a big part in my life. I call it “moving energy”. When we feel stuck, we must move the energy in our bodies and in our homes.

There is also a thing that I do, if someone starts to go towards their negativity. I help them navigate away by redirecting towards something lighter and more fun. Like coloring for example. Or noticing flowers or details of beauty on a walk. A tip for others who have to be around mellow harshers; the moment things start to feel off, fly away, like a little hummingbird. When the air or energy gets bad they just fly. Move yourself away until the air is clear again.


Alexis: Any beauty tips for us?

Dara: The key is to have glowing skin. Raw food, and green juices keep my skin glowing and I use oil and a hot damp washcloth for cleaning my skin. I dislike foundation. Maybe concealer on a spot or too. A bluish red or pink lip makes anyones teeth look whiter (I use Glossier “Crush”). I always recommend a bit of lipstick on the apples of the cheeks as well as some fine highlighter. I do love a well shaped brow. Strong brows convey confidence and they frame the face. For me, a bare face with a little bronzer and shimmer. My daughter says I have a french attitude to beauty. Light touch, natural, not worried about concealing anything, just highlighting natural beauty. Which to me is perfectly imperfect. I want to enhance not conceal.


Alexis: What are your favourite ways to stay healthy and boost your natural immunity right now?

Dara: Going slow, taking the time. Hot tonics with astragalus, reishi and chaga. (I have a TONICS ebook for the how, why and where to buy links to ingredients). A high green raw food diet.

Your tinctures. What I call water rituals; epsom salt baths and enemas. Low to NO stress for me is the most important. Not watching the news AT ALL. Limiting time on social media. Just enough time to post, maybe check in with a few peeps, and then step away. And communing with people who uplift. My latest saying is that I don't spend time with anyone or anything that brings me down. Only lovelies like you. I am so grateful for your existence. It inspires faith in humanity. That is why I love my YouTube family and now yours. Knowing loving beings makes the world a better place.


Alexis: What are you focusing on now?

Dara: In 1998 I thought of a world of characters who inspire joy and messages of nature. 20 years later in November of 2019 I began drawing them again. Now you can find me in my art studio bringing them to life. I am  painting tiny canvases and spray painting them on walls. Come join us @thedoobieuniverse :)


Alexis: Anything else you want to share? New projects, travel dreams, words for our readers?

Dara: I want to share that I am a traveler. Because I can't run, I have decided to take this time to make my home and my world here in Venice, California as beautiful and organized as I had ever wished it to be. By making our own world as beautiful, as harmonious, uncluttered and detoxified as possible we are changing the world. We send out vibrations. By contributing to our own home, personal and mental well being, we will radiate out. We can't let fear run the day. We must be the change we wish to see. We must be the love. Because LOVE WINS.

Alexis: Thank you for joining us sweet Dara. I know all our friends will love you as much as I do.

Dara: Thank you beautiful Alexis, I'm so happy to meet your friends. It's like connecting two families. Yours and mine and growing this whole “let's make the world better”  thing bigger. :)

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