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Remedies for Pets

Remedies for Pets

Gentle Medicine For Our Gentle Friends

Safe and gentle, flower essences have been used since the 1930’s for their ability to restore emotional positivity. Their gentleness makes them the perfect support for our animal friends. All of the formulas in my PETS line are designed to neutralize trauma (for rescue pets). These tried and true formulas are not just for dogs and cats. They are great for horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, lizards, all pets! I am so excited to share them with you!




For old, sick or depressed animals

For fearful animals, separation anxiety

The fast-acting trauma neutralizer

For aggression

For obedience. Calms hyperactivity 

Blue, the dog who started it all

These remedies have been a long time coming and are very close to my heart. I’ve been making remedies for animals since I started treating their owners, eighteen years ago...but it wasn’t until I met Blue, the bloodhound who converted me from a lifelong cat person, that I was inspired to share my PETS formulas with the public. She was my dad’s dog, a rescue, but became my dog too when I moved to the desert. She passed away on New Year’s Eve almost a year ago. She was the most loving being I’ve ever known. As she got older, she was suffering physically, and I could tell she was sad and tired. I created “Blue’s Remedy” for her. I do believe it not only extended her life but made her happy until her last day. Blue’s Remedy was the last of the five formulas I created for the PETS line, so it seemed fitting that I was finishing my work as she was finishing hers on this earth, to be a vehicle of love and devotion to us lowly humans. I am so grateful to have known her. The Blue Heart on her box symbolizes our dedication to help rescue animals. If you foster rescue pets, run a rescue organization or adoption, please email us at so we may donate remedies in Blue’s name. 💙

“I do believe it not only extended her life but made her happy until her last day.”

- Alexis


Animals can’t speak, but we can tell when there is something wrong. They have the same emotions we do. They feel empathy and concern for us and they can suffer from anxiety, loneliness and grief. You can tell when your pet is down. They lose their sparkle, they may hide, cling, bite, pee or tear things up, lose their appetites or meow or bark. They don’t hide their feelings, as humans do, and I believe this is one of the reasons they respond so quickly to flower remedies. Whereas it takes about three weeks of regular use of flower remedies for us to feel the results, animals can respond to the remedies in just a few days.

Lacy’s partner Max and Oatie


“Oatie went from aggressive to the most social dog on the hike thanks to your custom formula you made him! And your First Aid Kit has healed so much trauma for Marigold!”

- Lacy Phillips, Founder of To Be Magnetic


When I first started doing this work, one of the best parts about treating people was when the client came for their one month follow-up. After they told me about the amazing transformations they had experienced with their custom flower remedies, the next thing out of their mouths was often, “Can you treat my dog?” (Or cat, or boyfriend).

Greg and Izzy

"Izzy is super smart but she gets anxious and easily distracted. Alexis made a flower remedy for her that really helped her calm down and focus."

- Greg B., Human client and dad of Izzy

The pet consultations were so fun. I loved to watch the humans light up as they spoke about their closest companions, to witness the depth of connection and unconditional love they had for them. The big reward was when a client would call to tell me how happy their pets had become on the flower remedies I had made for them. For some who had adopted rescue animals, they told me it was the first time they had seen their pet free of fear, aggression, or signs of past trauma and abuse.

Because they are so innocent, it can be painful to see animals who have been abused or abandoned. Early on, I worked with a horse rescue in San Diego called The Horses of Tir Na Nog. It was heartbreaking to see these majestic beings suffering, their spirts broken from having been treated so badly before they had arrived at the horse rescue. I was so moved by the volunteer’s commitment to rehabilitating them. I really wanted to help these horses recover their love of life. This is when I developed my First Aid Kit for Pets. They added drops to the daily water troughs and in a short time, the director wrote me to tell me how much better the horses were doing. They started running, felt safe interacting with humans and were regaining their physical strength.

Nicole of Holistic Ranch Horse Rescue gives her horses our Pets First Aid Kit. She’s doing amazing things saving horses from slaughter and rehabilitating them into healthy, and happy beauties.



Flower remedies are the best thing for traumatised animals. We humans have talk therapy and so many other modalities available to us to process trauma. For animals, trauma and fear are a purely somatic and visceral condition. That’s why the flower remedies are so effective for animals, because they work on the subtle part of the body/psyche that holds trauma as an energetic imprint or memory. By removing these patterns from the subconscious, flower remedies are able to return our animal friends to their original nature, relaxed and safe, free from fight or flight. The positive response animals have to flower remedies is big proof that they are not placebos, because animals are impervious to suggestion.

"Ricardo was a very challenged rescue dog that expressed fear, anxiety, lack of love and hunger through aggression. After his first bottle he was a changed animal. Now his spirit is one that everyone comments on. He has become one of the biggest joys of my life. Thank you, Alexis for your knowledge, wisdom and generosity. You’re an angel. And keeper of the animals."

- Kerrilynn Pamer, Founder of CAP Beauty

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