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It's the Remedy! Daniele King

It's the Remedy! Daniele King

It’s been a while since we've done It’s the Remedy, my series where I feature people whose loving nature and healing energy is like a remedy in itself. By just being their true selves, they are doing good in the world.

After birthing our new website and launching our pregnancy and childbirth homeopathy kits, it seemed fitting that we should highlight someone who helps to brings life into the world.

Meet Daniele King, birth and postpartum doula and my longtime friend. When she tells me about the food she makes for her clients and the care she gives them, I always ask her if being pregnant is a requirement for me to hire her haha. I think right now, the whole world could really use the loving care of a doula.

With love,


Daniele King: "THE WAY OUT IS IN”

Describe yourself in 3 words…

Loyal, whimsical, passionate.

A brief history of your work as a doula…

I have been a doula for 20 years. I started with helping my girlfriends’ births and when my children were older, it became my full time passion.

Favorite things about being a doula?
I am over the moon in love with babies and children. I really enjoy giving back all of the knowledge that I have gathered in my years of motherhood and being a woman.

How has being a mother influenced your work as a doula?


Favorite things about being a mother?

Feeling the little girl inside yourself again and watching them form into their own creative lives.

What have your children taught you?

Unconditional love and self reflection.

Your kit bag essentials?

Everything goes in a big Agnes Baddoo bag

Alexis Smart Flower Remedies are incredible! (First Aid Kit is a must before and during labour, and Unburden for fortifying and nourishing after birth)

Homeopathy Kit for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Living Libations Essential Oils

Tea lights

Kundalini music and sound vibrations

My healing hands

Your personal favourite Alexis Smart Flower Remedy & why?

This month I’ve been taking In Love. I love the way I feel safe with my heart open.

Tips for pregnancy, birth and postpartum?

My no.1 tip for pregnancy, birth and life as a mother is to let go and surrender. Stay in your intuitive – easier said than done, but that’s the goal!
Try not to hold onto stories, expectations and other people’s views.

3 things – during pregnancy

1. Read Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth.

2. Rest when you feel tired.

3. Eat small meals all day. Keep snacks in your bag. Go to Moon Juice, a one-stop-shop of everything you will need (snacks, adaptogens, dried fruit, seed crackers, nuts….) 

3 things – during birth

1. Keep yourself hydrated. I find that coconut water really helps with hydration.

2. Eat – broth, nut butter, fruit…

3. Surrender – the baby is coming!

3 things – during postpartum

1. Take all the help that is offered.

2. Sleep.

3. Eat after every feeding. I cook with a lot of olive oil. Fat, fat, and more fat! It works!

Any tips for how we can care for ourselves if we feel like we need some mothering?

I love to soak in the bath — water is so soothing. I often take two baths a day! I take baths to cleanse negativity and add a few drops of First Aid Kit for stress and cleansing.

You are absolutely radiant and ageless. I’ve always admired you for wearing no makeup and letting your glowing skin speak for itself. Do you have any skin products you love? Or any beauty foods you eat? Any tips? Spill!

Thank you, Alexis ! I use all the Living Libations products. I eat vegetables, legumes and grains (rice, quinoa and imported pasta (Italy), in that order. I also love the sun and sea, like you!

You gave me a great soup recipe when I was so tired from caregiving for my mom and I needed a nourishing and easy meal for us. Can you share?

1 leek
6 tablespoons olive oil
2 garlic cloves, sliced
6 zucchini, roughly chopped
1.5  quarts filtered water
1.5 teaspoon of sea salt

Warm the oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add the leeks and cook for 6 to 7 minutes until wilted, stir in the garlic and salt cook for 4 minutes, until garlic is golden. Add the chopped zucchini and water (just enough to cover the zucchini), turn up the heat, and bring to a boil. Cover the pot and simmer for 15 min, until zucchini is tender, pressing it down into the liquid a couple of times during cooking to ensure that cooks evenly. Test for softness and turn off heat. 

Scoop out zucchini with a large perforated spoon and add to blender. Puree on high speed until smooth, adding some of the reserved cooking liquid to reach desired consistency. pour into another pot or bowl. Season to taste with sea salt.

You can also add a scoop of quinoa and sauté shiitake mushrooms on top . Good for milk supply!

Daniele is based in Los Angeles but travels to UK and Europe for her doula work.
Follow & contact Daniele here

"Gardeners know that you must nourish the soil if you want healthy plants. You must water the plants adequately, especially when seeds are germinating and sprouting, and they should be planted in a nutrient-rich soil. Why should nutrition matter less in the creation of young humans than it does in young plants? I'm sure that it doesn't."

— Ina May Gaskin

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