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The 9 Desert Island, Non-negotiables In My Travel Bag

The 9 Desert Island, Non-negotiables In My Travel Bag

My Traveling Medicine Chest

This is my traveling medicine chest. It’s taken years to whittle it down to these essentials. With these remedies, I have weathered some pretty serious illnesses while traveling and avoided a few trips to the E.R.. Having this kit gives me peace of mind, because I know I can get out of a bind quickly if I am in a remote area, or at least buy myself some time while I find medical professionals. Please remember, I am not a doctor and these remedies should in no way take the place of medical attention. These are just what I have found helpful in my travels. 

1. First Aid Kit Flower Remedy

Sometimes the pre-travel stress is enough to weaken your immune system and ruin your trip. This rescue remedy plus keeps me calm and grounded during travel. FAK’s protective and cleansing qualities give you a little psychic buffer from EMFs and radiation on airplanes. Take this whenever you have an emergency, bump, fall, you’re getting sick, sunstroke, tired, fighting with your traveling companions. It will neutralise trauma ASAP.


Two days before travel: 4 drops, 4 x day 
During travel: 4 drops on takeoff then 4 drops every hour 
Day after travel: 4 drops, 4 x a day 



4 drops every 10-15 minutes until you feel grounded

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2. Homeopathic Travel Kit

This kit has saved me a few times. I wish I had had this in Egypt years ago, when I got malaria and some other parasites (I drank water out of a random tap and swam in still water…ah, youth). This kit is easy for non-homoepaths to use. It has all the remedies you would need for bites, food poisoning, travellers diarrhoea, accidents, trauma and it comes with a little handy booklet. Last year in Greece I was stung by a jellyfish and my wrist swelled to the size of an egg (apparently I am allergic to their stings). I took one dose of Apis and half an hour later the bump was flat! (below). 

3. Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

Colloidal silver is a broad spectrum antibiotic/antiviral that will not create drug resistant strains of pathogens. I used to get sick every time I flew on airplanes, but since I’ve been following the silver protocol below, I never get sick! Use the nasal spray on travel days to keep airways clean, then have it on hand to take internally if you come down with a cold/flu/strep throat. I use CS any time I would normally be prescribed antibiotics (think UTI, bronchitis, strep etc.). You can also apply this to skin if there is fear of infection in a cut. 


Day before travel: 2 sprays in each nostril, 2 x day
Day of travel: 2 sprays in each nostril on takeoff and every few hours in flight
Day after landing: 2 sprays in each nostril, 2 x day
If you are coming down with something: Take 1 teaspoon 3 x day until you feel better
(just unscrew the spray top to pour out a spoonful)

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4. Grapefruit Seed Extract

This is my go-to when traveling in places like Mexico or India to avoid getting protozoa/amoeba type infections from water. If going to countries with clean water, I still bring this in case I get a funny stomach from street food etc. A friend of mine went on a river rafting/camping trip in China, and all I could picture was everyone getting amoebic dysentery,  the awkwardness of dudes with diarrhoea around a campfire. I gave him a bottle of GSE and on his return, he happily reported that he was the only one of the seven men on his trip who didn’t get diarrhea :) 


While in countries with bad water: Starting day before trip and then daily-10 drops in juice or water, 2 x day (it’s very bitter so I like it in a few ounces of juice; stir well!)
Disinfect all surfaces you eat off of. Dilute GSE in purified water and wet a paper towel to wipe down cutting boards, plates. 
For acutes/if you get sick: Increase to 10 drops in water/juice 3 x day

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5. Activated Charcoal

This will absorb any poison you have ingested, whether from spoiled food, bad water, chemicals or drugs…it is a physical binder and “binds” to toxins and pulls them out. Charcoal, along with the correct homeopathic remedy (usually arsenicum for this kind of thing), will be a lifesaver if you ingest something you wish you hadn't.  I like G.I. Detox but any activated charcoal will do.


1-2 pills after ingestion of anything suspicious. Drink lots of water with the pills. 
If using grapefruit seed extract too, take the GSE first then take the charcoal about an hour later. 

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6. Electrolytes

I have been in E.R.s enough to know that the first thing they do is hook you up to an IV of fluids with electrolytes (if not performing surgery). These are essential for fatigue and dehydration. I take them every day in hot climates if perspiring a lot, but they’re also a must after illness with fever,  vomiting or diarrhoea, to replace lost fluid and minerals.  

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7. Celtic Sea Salt

It does look eccentric, but I bring a ziplock bag of Celtic sea salt with me wherever I go. For one, I love salt. But more importantly, most restaurants and stores usually use iodised table salt. This stuff is bad for you and can deplete your minerals, as it’s had all the minerals normally present in natural salt, removed, leaving only the salty tasting part (sodium chloride). All of those natural occuring minerals present in sea salt are there to help balance the effects of sodium on the body. Sodium without the other minerals can cause many issues – high blood pressure, dehydration, oedema, potassium deficiency, etc. The added iodine can aggravate some people too, especially those with Hashimoto’s thyroid issues.  

Gargle with warm salt water. Warm enough to feel stimulating but don’t burn yourself! Make it as salty as sea water and this will clean your throat and nip the sore throat in the bud. 

8. Silk Scarf

I always protect my neck on planes and in overly air conditioned hotels, because I am prone to getting sick from a draft or air conditioning. (Yes, this makes me appear as a consumptive Victorian, but maybe that adds to my mystique?). Tying a silk scarf around your neck is an old folk remedy for a sore throat. Silk is also supposed to protect you from airplane EMFs/radiation. 


9. Sun Moon Mist

Sun Moon is a blend of protective and cleansing flower essences with a beautifully intoxicating blend of organic essential oils to clear the space you’re in and uplift the mood. In lieu of burning sage,  I spray this in hotel rooms and Airbnbs, especially around the bed. The smell is so uplifting and it clears the energy of the previous tenant, making me feel instantly at home.

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P.S. Some Other Tips

Buy local honey when you arrive and have a spoon of this daily. It will help acclimate your body to the local plants, keeping allergies at bay. I feel that local honey also energetically aligns me with the place I’m visiting. 

Eat local yogurt and get some good bacteria in your gut. The good probiotics are your first line of defence. 

My new Aegean Blue Flower Sac, with EMF protective Faraday lining (ideal fit for 5 remedies or a Homeopathic Travel Kit + First Aid Kit remedy).

I hope you don’t end up needing these remedies…but if you do, I hope they help. Please let me know. 


With love, 

Image: Jeff Martin Film 

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