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for empaths

Páthos, my new remedy for empaths is finally here!

I knew this formula would have to have a Greek name because it was born on a tiny Greek island where I study homeopathy every summer. Páthos (pā′thôs) is a Greek word which means suffering. It’s the root of the words sympathy and empathy. In English, it means a quality that evokes sympathy in another. If you are an empath, this is a state you live in most of the time, being pulled by the feelings of others.

The concept of empathy and “ailments from sympathy” was first identified as a pathology over two hundred years ago by the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann. It wasn’t widely known until recently. Thanks to the work of  people like psychotherapist Judith Orloff and my homeopathy teacher George Vithoulkas, I have come to understand the empath and the “highly sensitive person.” 

An empath is someone who feels the world more deeply. They can experience a flood of impressions, which leaves them feeling overwhelmed. Some of us absorb the feelings of others, good and bad. Some pick up on the psychic energy of a place, and there are those of us who are simply sensitive to everything, like foods, light, noise, etc.

As I have learned more about my own nature as an empath, it’s made me realize how many of us there are and how we, more than ever, need a flower remedy just for us. 

One of the benefits of being so sensitive is that we are very sensitive to vibrational medicine and the healing energy of flower remedies. I would guess that most of you, just by the very fact that you are reading this, are more sensitive than most and are probably an empath.

Look over the indications below and see if they resonate.


you are:
  • Empathetic (feel others’ pain)

  • Highly sensitive

  • Ungrounded 

  • Easily drained

  • You absorb people’s energy

  • Others’ suffering affects you deeply

  • Sympathetic (maintain boundaries)

  • Protection from unwanted influences 

  • knowing what’s yours and what’s not

  • Calm nervous system 

  • Grounded

Image by Orlando Seale // @orlandoseale


Recognizing your nature as an empath is the first step to a big change in your life. Perhaps you have always felt ashamed when you had to explain your sensitivity to those who don’t understand. Now you can honor it and value your place in the world. We are needed, especially now. We are the altruists, the nurturers, the healers, the volunteers, the artists and the listeners. It is paramount that we take care of ourselves, so that we may continue to do our work and to fulfill our purpose. 

I have found since working with Páthos, that I am much more forgiving of myself. I am allowing myself to rest and saying no to things that I used to feel obligated to do. I no longer judge myself for underperforming when I can’t meet other people's expectations. When I do give, it is from a sincere desire to serve, from an abundance of strength and goodwill, rather than from a place of weakness, a force of habit, or being easily led or influenced. I see a new harmony in my relationships, as those in my life feel the difference in love given freely. 

My sincere hope is that Páthos helps you in your journey of self-discovery, reconnecting you to your truest self; To arrive where we started and know the place for the first time, as T.S. Eliot wrote.

I look forward to hearing your own Páthos stories of independence, freedom, and liberation.

With love,

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