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Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

 How do flower essences work?

Flower remedies are considered “vibrational medicine.”  What does this mean? It may sound esoteric and mysterious and it's very different than the medicine that most of us grew up with. But energy and vibration are things we are all familiar with. Music is a good example of this. (My musician clients are always the first to understand flower remedies!). Music is invisible, intangible. But we have all experienced a well of emotion when we are moved by a particular song. A song can bring you to tears or make you want to get up and dance. People have energy too, regardless of their personality or what you think about them. I’m sure you’ve been around someone who makes you feel good, uplifted. You say,  “Wow, that person has really good energy.”  Or you may be around someone you like, but feel drained after being around them. In both instances, you are feeling the effect of that person’s vibration or energy. You can have a low vibration or a high vibration. 

Taking flower remedies raises your vibration and makes you feel happy. Rather than suppressing negative emotions or symptoms,  the remedies work by flooding us with the good feelings and virtues we need to overcome our negative emotional state.

Vibrational remedies can be understood from a quantum science principle called “sympathetic resonance.”  Every living thing has a measurable vibrational frequency, which is the energy it puts out. Thoughts and emotions have specific vibrational frequencies too. So, imagine if you are experiencing jealousy.  This emotion has a frequency that might look like a big wave. Then you take holly (the flower essence for jealousy). The vibrational frequency of holly flower essence is an exact vibrational match to the frequency of jealousy, and it balances out those negative feelings.

When you take a flower remedy that raises your vibration, you’ll become a perfectly tuned instrument. Your song will fill the air. Your good energy will uplift others, who will share this good feeling in their circle. One person can affect so many. We spread the love, joy, and compassion that is in our hearts. Love is the most contagious force of all. Let’s spread it wide and far. 

- Alexis

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