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Summer Remedies For A Beautiful Body

Summer Remedies For A Beautiful Body

It’s been a while! I am writing to you from Greece, where I come every summer to recharge. Swimming in the Aegean is like nothing else for connecting me back to my body. Sadly, it is often the case that we don’t even think of our bodies unless it’s due to pain or insecurity. Flower remedies can help you connect to your body in a positive way, reminding you that it is a beautiful vehicle for joy.

Here are my favourite flower formulas for your Body Beautiful this Summer:


Beauty Formula No.7 Gamine™

For fear of being seen. Loaded with confidence and self-love remedies, Beauty Formula No.7 is the most powerful remedy to remove body shame, self-consciousness and tendency to compare your self to others.
There may be negative self-talk, an inability to look in a mirror without seeing flaws, or dread of putting on a bathing suit. This formula imparts a clear complexion, clearing breakouts and brightening the skin. It allows you to see yourself as truly beautiful and let the world see it too. It’s about time, Sunshine.

Beauty Formula No.8™


This is my floral alternative to botox and filler. Beauty Formula No.8 is amazing for the face, as it relaxes facial muscles, brightens dark circles and plumps the skin. But it’s also a Body Beautiful remedy. It’s similar to Beauty Formula No.7, in that it helps heal body shame and clear adult acne, but this formula is more focused on rejuvenation. If you feel worn out and sluggish, have cellulite or lack of muscle tone, this cleansing formula will help to remove stagnation in the body and get the blood flowing, bringing back your glow. Be prepared to hear comments like “You are lit from within,” “You’re glowing. What have you been doing?” It’s the Summer to get your groove back, babe.

My Personal Assistant™

If you really want to get your bod moving, start an exercise program, be a dynamo on the dance floor, or just get off the couch, My Personal Assistant is the mega-motivator to help you get out in the Sunshine and be the fireracker you know you can be. MPA is fun, giving you a steady, non-jittery energy, unlike stimulants, which can cause adrenal depletion and excess cortisol (the baddie that causes weight gain around the middle). An active body is a beautiful body. This is the Summer to make it happen!

I Quit™

If you want to spend the summer doing any kind of health program (breaking bad eating habits, quitting smoking, doing a cleanse) or just want to let go of anything that is negatively impacting your health, I Quit is a beautiful catalyst for changing your mind and body. It helps you totally reprogram your patterns, so the things that no longer serve you will be unappealing and the healthy choice will start to feel good.
Health is beauty and gives you that glow you can’t fake.

🇬🇷 Greek Tips: The Greeks go the beach early in the day and leave by midday for lunch (or go in the afternoon after their siesta). They avoid burning, crowds and overheating this way. They have a big lunch and then a nap or rest. Dinner is not a big deal..a small snack. By eating the largest meal at midday, when the metabolism is at its peak, you won’t feel heavy and you will use food as fuel for daily activities. Of course they don’t explain it this way, it’s just the tradition. I notice too that they don’t eat sweets here! They love honey, dates and fruit, but I don’t see a lot of packaged junk food around.The older Greeks I know who are in excellent health grew up eating from their own gardens, so they still eat seasonally (right now, lots of zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant and fruit), rarely eat meat and eat fish about once a week.

Other tips: Eat all the fruit! Nature in her wisdom gives us the perfect summer food. Fruit cleanses, hydrates and curbs cravings for refined sugar and carbs. Try to get fruit from the farmers market, as it’s the ripest and has the most sun energy/life force and most importantly, it's the most delish.

I hope wherever you are, you are getting some rest, some sunshine and that you will give your self some gentle loving care this Season. Start with taking a nap :)


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