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Flower Remedies - The Original Microdosing

Flower Remedies - The Original Microdosing

Long before the trend of psilocybin microdosing started, this principle was born from the mind of Samuel Hahnemann, the visionary who invented homeopathy in the late 1700’s. He discovered that giving what he called “the infinitesimal dose” (a number close to zero) of a substance could stimulate a curative response in the body and create a whole change in consciousness and outlook. The remedies are so dilute as to contain no substance, no physical matter. Hahnemann believed that illness is invisible and begins in the spirit, and therefore the appropriate medicine must be invisible or spiritual in nature. For example, he said “You cannot see smallpox being transferred from one person to another.” He wasn’t using the word “spiritual” in the religious sense, but meant that the medicine should be so dilute as to render it nonmatter or energetic in nature. He was way ahead of his time, speaking of quantum physics principles. He condemned the mechanistic scientific view (which claims you have to see it for it to exist) and said that the doctors of his day were butchers, using archaic and outdated methods. Bloodletting for fevers, leaching and high doses of mercury were the most common medical treatments of his day. He said you would be lucky to leave their office with your life. Enter Dr.Edward Bach in the 1930’s. He discovers the writing of Samuel Hanhnman and changes the whole course of his medical career. Inspired by Hahnemann’s revolutionary idea of using the energetic imprint of plants, he harnesses the energy of flowers in a microdose and a new spirit medicine is born!

Flowers are my preferred form of microdosing because they are always high vibe, nontoxic and I never have a bad trip :)


Drop in to Floral Microdosing

In Love

Open your heart and feel a love explosion.

Some experienced droppers have likened In Love to MDMA for the lovey blissed out feeling it gives.


Ganesh heightens psychic powers, creativity and gives you revealing dreams while you sleep.

You'll see the world as a brighter, happier place, filled with magic and synchronicity.

"Turn on, tune in,
and take your drops"

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