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Visit My New Desert Studio

Visit My New Desert Studio

I am so thrilled to announce that my Twentynine Palms production studio is now open to my clients and friends! Starting this month, you can make an appointment to stop by in person and stock up on flower remedies for summer travels (and inner adventures). Consider it your little oasis in the desert.

People write me all the time and say “I’m coming out to the desert, can I visit?” Now you can! Come say hello to me and my team, pick up products, and get a concierged “backstage pass” at our magical studio and retail space, where we prepare every remedy by hand. It’s about a 15-minute drive from Joshua Tree or an hour from Palm Springs - perfect for a quick expedition if you are coming to the area.


Ever have a moment where you look at a person or a place and think, “That’s it, that’s the one”?

Before we renovated the space. That’s my dad’s ‘64 El Camino.

This was the feeling the very first time I drove past the vintage gas station that would eventually become my new workshop. After “graduating” from my original Echo Park kitchen workshop, I moved to Twentynine Palms and rented a little workshop down the road from my house. I don’t know if it was the peace I felt, having left the big city, or the benevolent magic of the desert, but as soon as I moved here, a great period of abundance followed. Within a year, I had outgrown my little workshop and needed to expand.

I took Soul Purpose, which is always my go-to remedy when I need to make a life change and get aligned with my compass.

Then as soon as I got the ping to leave my old place, I took a drive with my mom in an area I rarely pass through and when I saw the building, I felt a pull… then a moment later I noticed a “For Rent” sign - it was like magic!

Before + after - I knew there would be high ceilings under that cork and fluorescent!

Now, “vintage” may be generous - in reality the place needed to be completely overhauled, even though I was only signing on as a tenant for a year at a time. It was going to be a lot of work! I toured the place with my dad, who is my partner in crime in making this dream possible. He was horrified. But as we stepped through the wreckage of a spot that had been in need of TLC for decades, all I could see was the vision. Whether it was for one year or ten, this was worth it.

Let there be light!


My family was quite nomadic when I was a child, but one thing was constant: No matter how long we stayed at any one place, my mom would always get to work right away planting a garden.

She would immediately plant seeds, even if we only stayed in a place for a month. She couldn’t not do it… She had to beautify our environment and make things pretty, clean, refined, and high vibration.

I was reminded of this now. The studio space was worth investing time and heart into, in order to set the right vibration for me, my customers, and the remedies we share.


The remodel took forever to do (I learned all about “desert time” ha!), and required generous amounts of my remedy My Personal Assistant to help me stay motivated and energized each time I met with contractors to make the million decisions about every detail.

The final result represents the latest phase of my practice and is the culmination of so much growth and discovery. I can’t wait to share the studio with our community, and pass on the same inspiration, confidence, and focus it took to create.

A beautiful spring just arrived in the desert and it’s a wonderful time to visit. Please pay us a call and sit for a spell! The studio is located in Twentynine Palms, which is close to the Joshua Tree and Palm Springs areas - a lovely stop to add to your desert travels.

I will also be offering some little goodies by some of my favorite brands - natural products, perfumes, skincare, and other magical treats.

Email or DM us on Instagram to set up an appointment and we’ll see you at the studio!



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