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Mother’s Day Sale & Gift Guide - Flowers and a movie!

Mother’s Day Sale & Gift Guide - Flowers and a movie!
Use code "LOVE" at checkout to take 15% off all remedies and floral mist, ends Tuesday 5/7 11:59pm (PT). Orders received by noon ship within 1 business day.


This Mother's Day treat your favorite gal to flower essence remedies that inspire her to feel confident, connected, and loved. These remedies make beautiful gifts for moms, caregivers, and special people in your life.

Looking for ideas to create a magical experience for mom? Try pairing the perfect remedy with a classic "mom movie"! Scroll down to see some of my favorites, and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day with the people you care about most.

Love, Alexis


Flower Remedies for Mothers


1. Beauty Formula #8

Glow up on demand

Our most popular Mother's Day gift is the key to bright, beautiful, radiant skin. Think of it as a facial in a bottle! By softening fine lines, soothing breakouts, and erasing tiredness in the eyes, this rejuvenating remedy creates a visible glow that's fueled from within by self-love, new confidence, and a magnetic inner light.

2. Ganesh

A spring in her step

This confidence-building, creativity-boosting formula melts the blocks which keep us from fulfilling our potential, and aligns us with the success that's waiting in every act of our lives. Tap into inspiration, say yes to life, and build the self-trust which leads to amazing new opportunities.

3. Unburden

Better than a massage

Every mom needs a break. Get that weight off your shoulders and melt tension away with a remedy to help you feel light and relaxed in body and mind. Soothing relief in a bottle for times when you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and on your last nerve.

4. Soul Purpose

The antidote to an empty nest

Moms are tasked with so many roles that it's easy to feel disconnected from the path that's most personally fulfilling to you. This powerful remedy is like a lighthouse in the storm. Share it with anyone who needs to work through uncertainties, reconnect with passions, and find their deepest purpose in life (again, or for the first time).

5. First Aid Kit

Emergency support 24-7

A deeply calming all-purpose remedy which every mom should always have within reach. Be prepared for the unpredictable stress of life, with lightning-fast relief for trauma, upsetting situations, and everyday fears. Whenever intense moments arise, this soothing elixir gives you the breathing room you need to feel calm, balanced, and stress-free on-the-spot.

6. Sun Moon Floral Mist™

Heaven in a bottle

Lift the vibration instantly in any room with this intoxicating blend of sacred frankincense, cleansing white sage, and sunny California citrus blossoms. Cleansing and transporting, this heavenly mist is perfect for daytime, dream time, or any time you need to get grounded and refreshed.


Some of my favorite "mother cinema"

The annals of cinema are full of movies about moms. While many of them are horror movies(!), there are countless great films that explore our relationships with our mothers in funny, and heartbreaking ways. Here are a few classics I love.

Postcards From the Edge (1990): Has any movie ever captured the experience of an actress having a breakdown in the shadow of an overbearing mother better? Haha "actress having a breakdown" is one of my favorite genres! Carrie Fisher's roman-a-clef about her mother Debbie Reynolds, show-stoppingly played (and sung!) by Meryl and Shirley, is a quintessential L.A. story, and learning to live with mom story. 

Grey Gardens (1975): Perhaps the most iconic mother-daughter duo in cinema history, the Bouviers of East Hampton. Who among us can't see themselves in Little Edie dancing around a decaying raccoon-infested mansion?? Watching this one with your mother takes it to a whole other level.

Terms of Endearment (1983): Mother-daughter relationships are complicated! This movie has absolutely destroyed me on many occasions, but you won't find a more human and touching portrait of the turbulent ties that bind. Most people remember this as the ultimate tearjerker, but it's also quite funny, including one of Jack's best performances.

All About My Mother (1999): Almodovar's finest! Come for the stunning reds and yellows of Barcelona, stay for one of the most moving celebrations of motherly devotion ever filmed. And of course the ravishing beauty of Penelope Cruz!

Mermaids (1990): Mother-daughter comfort food. The holy trinity of Cher, Winona Ryder, and Christina Ricci, a snowy winter town, an amazing doo-wop soundtrack, and Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles! How can you resist?

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