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Beauty Formula No.9 Is Finally Here!

Beauty Formula No.9 Is Finally Here!

After four years of clinical trials and tinkering, I finally got the glowing feedback I was waiting for. I am so excited to introduce the third remedy in my Beauty Formulas collection. The philosophy behind the Beauty Line is quite revolutionary. It is based on the idea that everything we feel is reflected on our skin. Unlike treating the skin from the outside with topicals, these formulas treat the internal, emotional causes of skin issues with mood boosting flower essences. This is the path to true beauty, with lasting results. One of my missions as a healer is to help you love yourself and feel truly beautiful, so it is especially meaningful to offer those with rosacea or sensitive skin their own beautifying formula.

The Path to True Beauty

Rosacea is a mysterious skin condition which can leave you feeling self-conscious and frustrated, as there is little offered in the way of dermatological treatments. During my research with both personal clients and trial participants, they reported that over twenty things made their rosacea worse (including emotional stress, sun, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, pollution, food additives, hormones, skin products), and that calming activities, like slow walks in nature and meditation, improved their skin. So I set out to made a remedy that feels like a gentle walk through flowers.

Calm is Beautiful

Beauty Formula No.9 works by bringing calm to the whole being. This soothing formula puts out the fire, lessening redness, irritation and reactivity, whilst helping you and your skin adapt to change. The beauty of this formula is that you don’t need to have rosacea or sensitive skin to feel and see the benefits. When you take No.9, you will notice that not only is your skin clear and glowing, but that you feel serene, beautiful and confident.

Here’s to a season of radiant skin, calm nervous systems and inner peace.

Alexis x

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