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Flower Remedies for Now

Flower Remedies for Now


I hope you are hanging in there. An interesting part of my work is that I get a sort of reading on what’s happening in the collective, both through the personal messages you send me and the sales of certain remedies. I want to continue to offer my support the best I can. I am first and foremost a practitioner and though I can’t see you all privately, I do consider you my clients… so, please keep sharing your experiences because it helps others to hear success stories and feedback. I have shared some of your reviews below with the top formulas I see a need for right now. 

Flower remedies are not going to change the outside world, nor the circumstances beyond our control. But they can help change our inner landscape and help reconnect us to the joy of living. We must remind each other that our natural state is one of joy. The negative states of apathy, anxiety, anger and hopelessness are not your true personality.  These are temporary states we are passing though as we try to navigate and adapt to these crazy times. Please offer a little extra loving kindness to your self and forgive any setbacks you may have had. Remember that we are all traveling this same road together and that our community of support is vast. We all want the same thing, a world of love and harmony. Keep sharing your joys and your sorrows and stay connected to each other. 




Peaceful Worrier

Helped Me Stay Calm and Trust

"I suffer from pretty bad anxiety and started a new job and the drops helped me stay calm in the the midst of the learning curve. They helped me stay calm and trust the future would work itself out."

— Emily W., Los Angeles, California




Safe and Sound 

Life Changing

“At first I was skeptical but my anxiety had gotten so bad I was willing to try anything. I started with Safe and Sound. Before I started taking it, there were many days where my anxiety was absolutely debilitating. After a few days of taking this, the weight I carried for years was finally gone. I will forever recommend Alexis Smart Flower Remedies. Life changing is the understatement of the year.”

— Kinzie




Lighter And More Optimistic

“I’ve been taking Sunshine regularly and in the past month I’ve made some incredibly difficult choices and had some conversations I’ve been putting off for a while. I feel lighter and more optimistic. The world doesn’t feel so crushing (despite the pandemic! Odd!)”

— Lauren, of Lauren’s All Purpose

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